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Milkhouse Candles


We are excited to offer candles at the store. Not only do they smell amazing (we wouldn’t bring in something we didn’t really like!), but they are made in America by the Milkhouse Creamery based out of Iowa. Made with soy and pure beeswax, these candles are great for people with allergies and environmental sensitivities. P1020860We are also really excited about these Candle Crocks. They come with recipe cards that match their fragrances, and when you are done with the candle the crocks are reusable as baking dishes. Just put them in the oven to burn off the leftover wax, and then use the included recipe card and bake some Ginger Fig bread, Apple Strudel Cake, or one of our other recipes!P1020863P1020868


Tortoise Shells


We just put out some beautiful turtle shells that we picked up while in Atlanta for the Market show. There were quite a few things that grabbed our attention at the show, and one of them was the abundance of tortoise-shell print.  We scooped up all of the real turtle shells we could find, but we also have some items on the way to the store with the shell print on them. This year they featured a whole floor of Made in America products, so check back with us soon so see what else we picked up!