Scroll Saw Art

We are excited to announce that we have some new art in the store.  Made by local Kansan Kelly Siebert, this art is cut out of various woods using a scroll saw. It is very delicate work, and some of her pieces have incredibly small detail cuts.


“Lightning on the Plains”

Here’s a word from the artist:
“My husband and I live in the Flint Hills. We love the big open spaces and serenity that comes with it.
I started scrollsawing because my husband thought I needed a hobby. I am self taught and truly enjoy scrolling. I can hardly wait to retire from my full-time job and scroll at my desire.
I love the joy that my pictures give other people when they find that something special.”

– Kelly Siebertthe-windmill

“The Windmill” is a scene from an old newspaper print in Germany, and has been cut from Baltic Birch.

Silverton-Colorado“Silverton Colorado” has some beautiful detail work to it, don’t you think?  We love how the mountain cut-outs pop against the big open sky.  This one was also cut from Baltic Birch and features a barnwood frame (the wood was reclaimed from a nearby Flint Hills barn).

Here are some of Kelly’s other pieces that we have here in the store:tree-ks“Tree of Life”P1020943“Layered Koi”

layered-butterfly2“Layered Butterfly”


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